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Post Time:2014-11-26 09:50:23 Hit the Barre for your next workout Pay a visit to the ballet barre and sculpt lean muscles, build a strong core and increase your flexibility. With names like Pure Barre, Barre3, Flybarre and Bar Method, these dance based workouts fuse ballet, yoga and Pilates exercises and have exploded in popularity over the years. While it common to visit a group fitness studio for a barre class, Seattle Bar Method studio owners and instructors Bev Currier and Maika Manning shared a barre workout anyone can do in the comfort of their living room. sculpts your arms, shoulders, back, and develops a firm, lifted seat, lean thighs and calves and flat abs, said Manning. Bar Method also helps develop flexibility and strengthens postural muscles, giving you confidence and grace. Bev and Luke Currier and Maika Manning bought Bar Method buy burberry acoustic to Washington in 2009, opening their first location in Redmond, later adding a second location in Seattle South Lake Union neighborhood. Currier and Manning bring over 20 years of combined Bar Method teaching experience to their workouts other people believe in themselves and pushing them beyond their limits is at the core of our fitness philosophy, said Manning. The Bar Method traces its origin to the 1930s and dancer Lotte Burke. When Burke injured her back while dancing, she had the idea to combine her dance background with her new found rehabilitative exercises and the Lotte Burke Method was born. Years later, from the Lotte Burke Method came The Bar Method workout. The workout therapeutic origins make it low impact. was devised in collaboration with physical therapists to protect joints and effectively target muscles said Currier. And target your muscles it will. Bar Method is an efficient, transformative workout. This 60 minute class delivers cardio, strength training, and flexibility, said Manning. Plus, Bar Method workouts employ a type of interval training, where an intense session of strengthening work is followed by rest and recovery periods. Bar Method exercises work the muscles that play the greatest role in body change, then keeps these muscles working intensely and safely long enough for them to change, said Manning. then intensely stretches each muscle worked to make it look and feel longer and more graceful. Barre workouts like the Bar Method classes also feature high rep counts for each exercise, which is designed to fatigue the muscles, improve muscular endurance, burberry mens swimsuit and keep the heart rate elevated. structure of our class uses small movements and forces the muscle to stay gripped beyond its usual workload for a longer period of time, said Currier. muscles are pushed to this place of fatigue, they get stronger and more pliable so that when we stretch after each strength component, the muscle wraps closer to the student body, creating a more streamlined, graceful look. To work the upper body, classes include plenty of pushups and exercises using light weights. In fact light weights are a hallmark of barre workouts, and according to Currier, the light resistance allows students to focus on good form while isolating muscles with small precise movements. weights do the trick because some of the muscles we target with the weights are smaller burberry nova check coat muscles like deltoids, biceps and triceps, that build strength quickly without the need for heavy weights, said Currier . Students step up the ballet barre for a bodyweight series of plies, squats and leg lifts to target the lower body. And it should be noted that instructors frequently remind students to engage their core throughout each exercise creating a constant challenge for the abdominals. In addition, classes also feature several targeted core exercises throughout the workout. Barre workouts also improve posture and coordination and are adaptive to all fitness levels. Method is great for people of all ages, and our youngest client is 18 and our eldest is almost 80, said Manning. Manning adds that Bar Method offers a diverse community of exercisers, meaning it not just ladies who love the barre. She said classes feature and men, mothers and expecting mothers, young professionals, college students, professional athletes, triathletes, runners, cyclists, celebrities, dancers, first time exercisers, people of all shapes and sizes, people of all fitness levels and all ages. To try a quick Bar Method workout at home all you need is a chair or the back of your couch to stand in for the ballet barre, and one to two pound dumbbells or even water bottles for upper body exercises. 1. Use a set of 2 to 3 pound weights (substitute with canned food items or frozen water bottles at home)

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