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Career Counselors And Graduate Programs

I know that in general the Lubavitcher Rebbe was against young "bochurim/ high school girls" going to college etc.

This being the fact I have some questions I would like to pose to the general public.

1. Was he against college as suppose to Graduate Programs?
2. People that are planning on going to College/ Graduate programs after they are married does that mean that one has to put their professional lives on hold until then?
3. If one decides that they don't want to wait, is it better to stay at home and go to school or take courses online?
4. For young teenagers who have not found success in the "system" (yeshivah/girls high school) wouldn't it be advisable that they went and saw a certified career counselor? [As apposed to another option of going from yeshivah to yeshivah (halfway house to halfway house) for the coming several years.]
5. If the "at risk" issue is so prevalent and close to home why isn't there an established network for help or guidance in exploring all avenues for making these teenagers/ young adults successful people? [And not stooping lower from where they are holding now. (addictions etc.)] ( I G-d forbid don't want to bash hard working teachers and individuals who have dedicated their lives to this specific issue.)

I heard that there is a letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, (however I never saw it printed or published) where a principal asked the following.
In the 19th century and beginning of the 20th not all teenagers went and learned in a Yeshivah, [For example, Volozyn etc.. were all elitist institutions] most teenagers became apprentices. However today not only do we expect every teenager to go to a Yeshivah we also expect that every teenager should be successful in Yeshivah. If Yeshivah is meant for everyone why didn't every teenager go then? And if we see clearly that the Yeshivah is not meant for everyone why are we making ourselves crazy with impossible expectations?
(Again I heard)
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's answer was something along these lines.
Then there was a "Yiddeshe Gaas" and today there isn't. Meaning that then part of the apprenticeship was "Yiras Shomaim" resulting that the teenager was influenced by the master tradesman with "Yiras Shomaim" and this had a profound effect on the teenager his entire life.
However today the jewish community doesn't have that influence, therefore we have to put a teenager in a "yideshe Gaas" which we establish as yishevos all over the world.
Can someone be so kind to tell me where this letter is? (If it really exists?)
Does it fit with the Lubavitcher Rebbe's "hashkafa" of Jewish education?

For those of you who will reply that colleges/ graduate programs aren't intricately connected with making a living. I'll grant you that argument, however If one would go to a career counselor, take the tests and finds what really lights his/ her fire, What do you have against them doing it professionally?

"Gentlemen of the jury, what is a father - a real father? What is the meaning of that great word? What is the idea in that name?
-The Brothers Karamazov BY: FYDOR DOSTOEVSKY Book 12 Chapter 13

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I suggest that you start with 1 question
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The whole thing is built up. Whats wrong with detailed lengthy answers?
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