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Messianic promise from the Tenach

In the sefer Bamidbar it is written, " kochav mi'Yaachov v'kom shevet mi"Yisrael"
Is it possible that this promise is in regards to a celestial event that will coincide with the appearance of Moshiach? What is the proper understanding of this text? My english translation is written in this way:"there shall step forth a star out of Jacob, and a scepter shall rise out of Israel." How should this pasuk be understood?
Thank you
ger ani ki ba'aretz al taster mimeni mitzvotsecha
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******ian Concept
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Yankel Nosson
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Originally posted by rebayzl
******ian Concept
Maybe in the same way that Moshiach is --k'eelu-- a Xtian concept.

When Moshiach is revealed, we will see wonderous miracles in the world -- areinu niflaos. These miracles will be the physical manifestations of spiritual "events", similar to the splitting of the Yam Suf being a physical manifestation of "events" occuring in the spiritual worlds at that time.

The Zohar speaks of many celestial events, including a rainbow of brilliant colors, pillars of black fire. What they will be in physicality, we will only know when we see them.

Walter, as for your interst in kochavim, the Zohar (Balak) makes the following reference:

...Then this star will emanate to be seen in the world. This will cause a great war to occur at that time in all four directions, and there will be no faith amongst them. In the middle of the world, once this star begins to shine in the middle of the sky, a great king will arise and take control of the world, and act arrogantly over all the kings.
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