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Unread 12-31-2008, 12:35 AM   #1
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Urgent Help Requested

Hi, can someone please do me a favor and translate this letter that i put my letter into? thank you so much! Iggros kodesh chelek 25 pages 28,29. but if you dont mind to translate or summarize also pages 30,31,32
I understood only some of it. Its greatly appreciated
~thanx again
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Unread 12-31-2008, 02:09 PM   #2
emes m'eretz
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Here is page 28. I hope to be able to do more later.

and I add to them blessing that G-d should lengthen your days and years with goodness and pleasantness with good health and everything good physically and spiritually.
I was especially happy to know that the celebration of the birthday will be in the shul founded by the Tzemach Tzedek in Yerushalayim in the old city which is unified as one.
And may it be His will that all the blessings which you have been blessed with should be fulfilled, especially since we are in the month of Kislev, a month of success redemption and salvation for our nation in general and for our group in particular. And only with peace as it is explained in "Podoh Besholoim etc.
With esteem and honor and blessing for good news in matters of our nation the Children of Israel and for the individual, who is also a complete world.
P.S. There was a reason which delayed the sending [of this letter], and I now was informed that you prayed and had an aliyah at the Torah in the shul named for the Tzemach Tzedek, and that your speech was about the verse, "Help your people and bless your lot(?) shepherd them and raise them forever," that if our eyes are always depending on the help of G-d, how much more so in our era.
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Unread 12-31-2008, 08:39 PM   #3
emes m'eretz
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B"H 2 Kislev 5728
Brooklyn NY
Mr. Yerachmiel Shyichye Honig, London
Pleace and blessing!

Your letter came to me after much delay.

I was happy with the contents, especially the spirit in which your letter was written, which shows your connection to our gemeinzamer everlasting inheritance, as the verse states: "The Torah which Moshe commanded us is an inheritance to the congregation of Yaakov."

And if such an approach to the inheritance is expected from every Jew -- and it's self-understood that the intention is not to hold it under a microscope, but as the words "Moshe commanded us" express, as Moshe our teacher wanted and taught, that the Torah should permeate the daily life and with vitality -- then it is surely expected and in a very great measure from one who, as you write, is a descendent of a Rabbinical and Chassidishe family.

And as for what you write, that you are not a professional Chosid, it's understood that there is no such thing.; because one who considers it a profession is not a Chosid. Chasidus is built on inner passion and deep connection, until it becomes the essence of the person; according to the two versions (or mottos) in Chasidus: The version of Poland (or as it is sometimes referred to as the version of Chaga"s -- chesed (kindness) gevura (severity) tiferes (beauty) ) where passion is also expressed

page 30)
in an outwardly way; and the version of Chabad -- chochmo (wisdom) bina (understanding) and da'as (knowledge), where the stress is on the intellect. And certainly it is not necessary to explain this at length for [someone like] you.
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Unread 12-31-2008, 09:24 PM   #4
emes m'eretz
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I just want to add, that the common denominator and main pursuit of every Jew, especially in our times, is to not be satisfied that only the head knows about a good thing, and the heart feels a good thing, rather this must come down into all 248 limbs in actual deeds, as our Rabbis stressed: " The main thing is action." Similarly one should not be satisfied to keep good things to oneself and one's own 248 limbs, but every person needs to do what he can so that this should become the possession and permeate the life of every Jew one can reach, for ultimately all Jews are limbs of one body, the complete standing [body] of the Jewish people.

And coming back to what was written above -- if it is required for every Jew to fulfill the above-mentioned most important missions, and every Jew is given special strength to achieve this -- how much more so that this is required from a descendent of a Rabbinical family, that in addition to the general powers of "The Torah which Moshe commanded us an inheritance to the Congregation of Yaakov," you have also inherited special powers from parents and grandparents.

Naturally I will be happy, and it will cause me to have special joy to hear from you good news in connection to all that was written above.
With honor and with blessing,
M. Schneerson.

In answer to your suggestion to write an impression about a certain personality -- in general this is not my thing, and especially regarding someone who is already not among the living here.

page 31)

But since the matter was already received, and if I don't reply it can be interpreted incorrectly, so I need to at least say a few words about it, dividing it into two topics: 1) The person as a person, and this includes -- and is actually the most prominent -- his personal life; 2) The credo and work of the person; and in both areas I sharply disagree with your estimation.
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Unread 12-31-2008, 10:56 PM   #5
emes m'eretz
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Beginning from the second [topic]. Even if one accepts, that in his time, meaning several decades back, the way to bring Chasidus to the masses was by sterilizing it, until it should be similar to a credo which was at odds with Chasidus, thinking that this will be a prepatory push, in order to eventually arrive at Chasidus -- it's certain, that in the last years there was no need for this. So it turns out that with this approach -- it only gave a false picture of Chasidus, which is the utmost truth of the true Torah.

My personal opinion, also based on my living in Germany for a few years, is that even there one could have presented Chasidus in its true content, and it would have been accepted in the right way, without many exceptions.

Going back to the first topic -- and this also explains why this involves two seperate topics, the opposite of Toras Chasidus which teaches, that a person and his work needs to be very tightly connected (to the point where it is one unity). But according to the above-mentioned, the question falls away. With regard to a person, one must, as written above, first of all judge it according to his personal life and in what he was passionate about, and especially in fundamental questions. So with regard to the position in the so-called argument between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and the position about taking a medal of honor from Germany, (which in truth

page 32)

doesn't fool anyone, and this is the same Germany as before [even those who shout otherwise, it's only because they want to fool someone else]; so certainly not someone who lived there tens of years and lived with their culture and their thoughts in the arts, even after fleeing-being chased out from there). And there is also the unclarified question, or as some say -- actually the clarifying question, about his wife.

In the spirit of the beginning of the letter; if by every Jew the matter of meriting and causing others to merit is one of the gretest achievements, it's understood then the opposite, as the Mishna says; how much more so when someone wanted and did all that he was able to, that he should be chosen as one who shows the way and be a role model etc etc -- the three mentioned examples from the personal life are sufficient characteristics, then -- the stories of those who lived in the same city and same area where he lived his last years.

It pains me that I have to write the above, but it is the truth.

And may it be His will, that since I went out of my boundary and I wrote the above, it should at least bring the desired results, that you and all those who are under your influence, should examine your past relationship to the credo and the person, and go in the direction of our Torah the true Torah, which is also the Torah of life -- a Torah (which means "instruction") which shows how to live, that the life shoud be worthy to be called true life.
With honor and blessing
The above-mentioned
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