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Unread 11-25-2003, 08:24 AM   #1
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I saw a television program last week featuring a large family of Shluchim. Most grew up in the Crown Heights area later to be sent out to distant lands with the Rebbe's blessing. However, the moderator continuely made reference to the sacrifices they must make in order to fulfill their mission. On more than one occasion he spoke of the "money" they are not making because of their choice in life. Should I have been offended? If one who is sent out by the Rebbe to do a G-dly work considers it a burden..., he becomes like a man who profanes G-d's Name. Do these men recognize what blessing it is to be sent out by the Rebbe? If so.., why didn't they speak of this rather than the money they could be making in the secular world if it hadn't been for the life they have chose? These men are jewels in a princely crown and held dear to G-d. Do they comprehend what a blessing they are to the those people and places they are sent? They have lost nothing in this world and G-d will grant them ten - fold in Olam haba!
ger ani ki ba'aretz al taster mimeni mitzvotsecha
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Unread 11-30-2003, 04:01 PM   #2
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You're 100% right, the ppl sent on shlichus are definately the jewels of a crown.

We must understand though, that as much as we are doing the right thing, by being on shlichus etc

Money is definately a problem.

B"h most shluchim have their ba'alei batim who support them, but when ppl start off from scratch, where do they turn too.

We definately have the Rebbes brochos, no doubt, but we need to make those brochos happen, we cant just sit back and rely on miracles to happen, by doing the right thing WILL make miracles happen.

Like the story of a man ( I forgot who), who was once in a flood, and he said Gd will help me. A boat came along, and the man did not board, he was waiting for Gd to help him. A police crew came to help him, the man still did not accept the help. When the water reached his kneck, a helicopter came to save him, but again, his answer was, Gd will help me. The man died. Later when he came to Gd he asked Him, why didnt you save me.
And Gd answered : "Fool, who do you think sent the boat, the crew and the helicopter"

The Rebbe is definately sending us brochos, we have to use our ways of reveiling them.
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Unread 11-30-2003, 05:57 PM   #3
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Walter, if a Shliach recognizes the fact that he has given up certain things, such as: a better paying job, geographical proximity to family and friends, suitable educational facilities for his children, a kosher grocery and butcher and so on, (the list is endless) that doesn't Chas veshalom mean he views his Shlichus as a burden !!!

Going on Shlichus is truly a blessing and a privilege, and therefore, like anything worthwhile in this world, one has to be ready to make some sacrifices in order to receive this blessing and privilege. But these are wothwhile sacrifices!

By way of example: If a boy is saving money to buy a bike, and therefore gives up buying ice cream for a few months - does he then think that buying a bike is a burden?! On the contrary - since buying the bike is so important to him, that's why he is ready to sacrifice his ice cream. He recognizes the fact that he is giving up something less important for something that is more worthwhile.

So if a Shliach says he has made sacrifices, that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate his Shlichus, but quite the opposite.
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Unread 11-30-2003, 09:37 PM   #4
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The Shlichus is not the burden, it's the fundraising (or more correctly, the lack of funds) that's the burden. In other words, the incidentals, not the Shlichus itself.

In general, I would hazard to say most shluchim will only say it's mesiras nefesh because the Rebbe would say so.
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