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Perhaps here I could get a few opinions or perhaps answers to a question.

Now Judaism is a covenant and not a religion, so too is Noahide. It predates Judaism and was the original covenant between man and G-d. Noah was the only one still keeping it and thereby found favor and was not destroyed. This covenant was reaffirmed after the flood, the term olam was used meaning that it would last for perpetual generations and was given a token as the rainbow, which we still can see anywhere.

The question has to do with a story found in the babylonian talmud which states that each of the nations were given the opportunity to receive the torah by an angel of G-d, but if you are familiar with the story, you know that only the Jewish nation would receive it, even though they didn't understand it, they received it just because it was from G-d and they did not need to see its contents before receiving it. The other nations wanted to know what was involved first and they refused it. There is also the references to Esau and Yishmael who would not receive it.

In any case, various learned elders and such have decided that this invalidates the previous covenant which was between Noah and his offspring, and so the nations are considered thereby to have no such contractual relationship with G-d anymore as a result of this rejection.

Others disagree, saying that the talmud is a commentary and thereby subject to differences of opinion and they state that such a contract has always been in place with all persons in the nations who are not Jewish, and this provides the basis for G-d's just judgement and each individuals opportunity to gain merit before G-d.

So what do you think??

I lean towards the latter perspective, but I would like to gather some more educated opinions.
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