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Unread 05-23-2006, 10:41 AM   #1
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Question Question

Forgive my ignorance guys but it is my understanding that the 5 books (Genesis, Exodus, etc.) in the Hebrew Bible is the Torah, but what about the others like Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah, etc.? What are those called? Would they be called the Torah too?
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They are Torah, but more properly called Tanach when referring to all 24 books of the Torah. When used on its own, Torah usually refers to the 5 books.
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26, Iyar, 5766


The Prophets and Writings (respectively: Ne'viim & Ketuvim) ARE in fact part of the (written) Torah. These and the "5 books of Moses" form the body of the written Torah.
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So let me get it:

Torah is the 5 Books.

Tanach is the rest of the Hebrew Bible.

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The word Torah means ''teaching'' - the Divine teaching which was revealed on Mt. Sinai. On one level, Torah refers to the Pentateuch, which is also known as the Five Books of Torah, and these writings are the most sacred of our scriptures. (The Torah scroll which is placed in the ark of every synagogue contains these five books.) On another level, the word Torah also refers to the Biblical books written after the Five Books - from Joshua all the way through Chronicles. These later books elaborate on major themes in the Pentateuch, and they describe the relationship of the people of Israel to God and Torah during the biblical period.

And in a wider sense, Torah includes ''the Oral Torah'' - principles and explanations which were given to Moses at Sinai and elaborated upon in the Talmud, Midrash (stories and parables) and other rabbinic writings. Moreover, all study and discussion concerning the teachings and truths of the Written and Oral traditions are also Torah. Therefore, any book which expresses a Torah teaching and/or perspective is a Torah work.
(Y. Hakohen)
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The entire body of works is part of Torah.

In technical terminology, "Torah" is usually referring to the 5 books, and "Tanach" (an acronym for Torah, Neviim (Prophets), Kesuvim (Writings)) refers to all 24 books. To be most precise, when only referring to the latter (Prophets and Writings), one would use the term "Nach."
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