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Unread 02-14-2005, 10:15 PM   #1
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Aron Kodesh

We arent supposed to daven in front of a wall with pictures/designs...

How about the paroches on the aron? - In alot of shuls they have designs on it.
How about lions on the aron itself? Is there a problem with them?
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Unread 02-15-2005, 02:01 AM   #2
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See TM Chof Chesvan Mem Daled page 487 Heora 5 as far as animals on the paroches
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There are actually 2 separate issues: distraction from davening (as discussed in shulchan aruch 90;23 and AR there 22) and avodah zara (as discussed in Yoreh deieh 141 and teshuvas avkas rocheil brought in the ha'oroh that zaraza brought). In pischei teshuva (yoreh deiah there s"k 6) he addresses both and is matir (no problem of distraction b/cuz people are used to it, like a kohein with mumin, for birkas kohanim, when he's dosh beiro). More contemporary teshuvos that address it are tzitz eliezer (3; 24, mainly deals with the seeming contradiction between the 2 tshuvos of beis yosef, but also with the etzem hashailah). and yechaveh daas (3; 62)

The yechaveh daas brings (kedarko) a list of other teshuvos, and concludes that it is ossur. It seemed amazing to me to prohibit something that was a minhag poshut bechol yisroel midorei doros ("to chazi" etc.), and I find very interesting to note the contrast between that and the Rebbe's approach in the above sicha (to first assume that it's mutar, and to even find a makor in kedusha (from the merkava) since it's nohug in all shuls, and just in the shulei hagilyon he points out that that's only acc. to those opinions).
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