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The ultimate purpose for the learning of Torah

I was listening at the Ohel yesterday (in the room with the TV) to the Rebbe speak about children learning Torah the whole summer, etc. During the discussion he said something like: "...and the ultimate purpose of learning Torah is action...". He didn't really explain further what he meant, so I was just thinking about it.

I thought, from learning Tanya and listening to some associated shiurim, that the ultimate purpose of learning Torah is uniting one's mind with Eibeshter's chochmah. This level (according to the shiur that I listened to) is superior to learning Torah for the purpose of doing mitzvos, or even paskening on a sha'aleh; such that, according to A"R, if a person only learns for the purpose of knowing how to do mitzvos, that level counts for him, but he has to do teshuva for not learning Torah lishmah — i.e., for the purpose of yichud of his seichel with Chochmah Ila'ah. (This is from Rabbi Paltiel's class on limmud Torah, but I can't find the exact link this moment.)

Another levels that I know of is that one starts thinking like a Jew is supposed to think by immersing his mind into discussions of Chazal, etc. (From the book of the Rav of Frankfurt about limmud Torah.)

And, from the ma'amor I recently learned (Podoh B'sholom from vol. 2 of ma'amorim melukat), is that if one immerses oneself in Torah learning completely, that helps him to earn his parnosso l'shem shomayim mamosh, to the point that the netzutzos themselves help him to be meverar them, and one finds it easier to do his job l'shem shomayim l'hatchillo, as opposed to b'dieved.

So, which is the ultimate purpose for learning Torah? (I understand that there are different levels, etc. I was wondering if it's possible to give a general answer.)
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Also: in these discussions about learning Torah, do the Rebbeim talk about nigleh specifically, or any level of Torah counts? (I am talking about specifically the point that the Rebbeim make about the ma'aleh of learning Torah. E.g., uniting one's seichel with Chochamh Ila'ah — does this refer to learning of specifically nigleh, or, for instance, Chassidus or Rashi on Chumash too?)
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It may sound really bland, but I think the ultimate purpose of studying Torah is to be constantly engaged with the Creator. And that's it.

My Rebbe spoke about essentially the same thing a few Sabbos ago, but related it to keeping Kosher. The purpose of not eating some things with other things isn't about just blindly following rules... it's about setting aside at least three times a day where you engage with HaShem. As in, when you're in a shopping food isle, you need to check if there is a Kashrut symbol on everything. That checking is engaging - reminding yourself of your commitment and relationship with HaShem. Similarly to Torah, it's filled with such depth you cannot skim it. You must engage with it. It makes you think, debate, discuss. And it rings truths to you about 99% of your daily ethical dilemmas.
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