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Unread 12-08-2003, 07:24 PM   #51
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I think that it IS BENEFICIAL to the child and the parent to hide some of things he or she is doing.

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Unread 12-08-2003, 10:10 PM   #52
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The point of that story is not hiding what you're doing, it's that you should realize that the hypocrisy is in wearing the work clothes, not the Kapote.
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Unread 12-09-2003, 09:23 AM   #53
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the story is not about "work clothes" but of modern garb and Chasidic garb and the point the Rebbe was making was he thought that when the man came to him dressed in Chasidic garb that this was the "real" person, but now that he came dressed in his usual modern suit, the Rebbe was disappointed to see that the man considered his real self to be a modern Jew.
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Unread 12-09-2003, 11:17 AM   #54
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the story (the moshol) is about work clothes. the nimshal is about modern garb. the point we all agree on.
...vayaaminu baHashem u'v'Moishe avdoi.

....and (the Jewish people) believed in Hashem and in His servant Moishe.
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Unread 12-24-2003, 05:31 PM   #55
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aha...i see. Im glad we are all agreeing here. Fantastic.
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Unread 12-28-2003, 06:19 PM   #56
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Posts: 116 that all? Does anyone have anything more to add?
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Unread 04-15-2010, 02:48 PM   #57
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it's not alie.....

Originally Posted by hishtatchus View Post
I've seen a common dilemma among some teenagers today: Should I be open with my parents about where I'm really at, or should I hide it from them so they will be happy?

Case in point: A Bochur who is into all sorts of unsavory activities wears "Chassidishe dress" at home so his mother will be happy with him and not suspect what he does out of the house. I know it's a good thing that he wears the suit and hat, but is it fair to his mother to let her think she can shep Nachas when in fact she should be worrying about him?

Personally, I find being blunt good for me to cultivate my honesty level, but am I cheating my parents in some way? It would actually be very easy to tell them I said the whole Tehillim even if I didn't- and it they would be thrilled.

It's not like it's even a toss-up between my benefit (staying honest) and my parents' benefit (Nachas). Maybe it is good for my parents to know they should be concerned! And then again maybe it's good for me to feel guilty lying so maybe I'll change to fit the lie?
it's just that at home there is a different environment vehamaivin yavin....
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