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Unread 01-19-2013, 10:35 PM   #1
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More on an old question I asked about angels

After many long years of trying to experience Hashem's presence through intense davening, meditation, visiting sacred Jewish sites and other means, i have since learned that Hashem can not only be found within me (my soul), but that Hashem is also to be found in everything on Earth, from the trees, mountains and wind to every blade of grass. There is no need to go running around trying to get that Ahhhh moment. Instead, just focus on listening to your soul -- the spark of Hashem.

But it jut doesn't work. I feel frustrated that i still have not been able to have that experiential moment-- that special, miraculous contact with Hashem's presence. Something to tell me that I am in an extraordinary moment. But, then, I think, why should a lowly non-tzadik like myself think that I ever could have such an experience in the first place? Continue to look for Hashem in the everyday -- the mundane. But I want more.

Can I lower my expectations and ask Hashem to send me an angel or a Maggid to assure me that there are other spiritual dimensions. It would prove to me that the soul goes on-- that there are invisible worlds out there and not to be so afraid of death. It would ease the fear and anxiety I suffer from so much. regarding illness And if
I am allowed to do so, can I ask Hashem to send me ha navi Gavriel to help me heal. As i said earlier, since i can't seem to make contact with Hashem, this would be my second choice. Is this more realistic or just narashkeit?

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Unread 03-18-2013, 01:39 PM   #2
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I hope you won't mind if I offer a little insight from the perspective of an outsider who doesn't know you. Over a few years I have seen your posts on this forum and you are clearly undergoing some sort of awakening and yearning for higher things, kol hakavod ("good for you!").

The teachings of Chassidus are very broad, and they even provide the answer to your question. But the underlying fundamental point is something that I encourage you to contemplate: the ultimate goal of our soul (which is inherently one with our Creator) in its descent to be enclothed in a physical body (which is, basically, our sense of self--ego) is to NULLIFY that sense of self via subordinating ourselves to the will of G-d and to His Tzaddikim.

The phrase the Rebbe prefers to bring from our sages is "I was not created except to serve my Master". In other words, our existence is not about physical pleasure, nor spiritual revelations, nor this or that special joy. All of that stems from our ego. We have to override and harness our ego to serve Hashem, meaning to do what He wants to such a degree that what He wants is what I want. That is the unity you are searching for. But it can only come about if you begin to work on "nullify your will before His will" (as stated in Pirkey Avot).

You can't do it alone. You must learn Torah and Chassidus (the inner Torah) with a teacher. Look at the Rebbe's photo and ask the Rebbe to send you a teacher. He will appear shortly thereafter.

Be well.
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Unread 05-03-2013, 01:05 PM   #3
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Thank you.

Giving up my search for spiritual revelations such as some of the ancient prophets had is very difficult for me. I have spent so many years searching for Hashem's contenance-- bells and whistles experience. Is this ego? Perhaps. But when you are frightened and anxious about tomorrow, and have lots of faith inHashem but not a lot of trust, the quest is to somehow to make contact with the spiritual dimension as a way of gaining reassurance that whatever happens to us the soul will go on. That ultimately, I am safe.

I really need to experience awe. To have a wow! Moment. Bitul, or nullification of my ego is not really for a Jew lacking complete trust that he and his family are safe and protected. I need to hear a voice froma malach telling me to relax and enjoy my life because hakol beseder.

Is it permissible to ask Hashem to send hanavi Rafael to me?
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