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The London declaration for Global peace 2011

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum and I came accross a Peace Declaration I would like to share with you all! I was very impressed by this initiative. Some points on the peace declaration are:

"We call for increasing aid for Africa, and other impoverished regions and nations of the world, in order to improve their living conditions, provide socio-economic and political stability, and realise the objectives of true democracy."

"We reject unequivocally all terrorism because at the heart of all religions is a belief in the sanctity of the lives of the innocent. The indiscriminate nature of terrorism, which has in recent years killed far more civilians and other non-combatants than it has combatants, is un-Islamic, un-Judaic, un-******ian and it is indeed incompatible with the true teachings of all faiths. Because of its manifestly indiscriminate and therefore murderous nature, we condemn all terrorism in all forms and in all countries regardless of any claimed religious and political intentions"

For those of you who may want to read up on this peace declaration can visit

I would definitly reccomend everyone to sign it! I look forward to hearing your views!
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The declaration also states:

"10. We welcome the wave of popular and generally peaceful uprisings against tyranny and oppression known as “the Arab Spring” and we recognise that it is a rights-based, not religion-based, movement which is compatible with the universal human rights and aspirations mentioned above. "

We know this to be false. The "Arab Spring" has replaced an Egyptian government that was ambivalent in many ways to Israel and to Jews with an Egyptian government that is anti-Semitic to its core. Jews and ******ians alike have suffered under Egypt's new rule. It is likely that many of the new governments will have stronger ties to Al-Quaeda than their predecessors.

"13. We affirm the necessity urgently to resolve this conflict so as to provide both the Palestinians with a sovereign pluralistic and representative state and the Israelis with national and local security. If it is to be permanent and durable, the peace agreement between Israel and Palestine must be fully and actively supported and protected in a non-partisan fashion by the international community and its terms must be equally beneficial to the citizens of both states who have for so long feared and mistrusted each other"

Nope. Two state solution, including giving Palestinians sovereignty is a great way to achieve violence and warfare. Just like giving Gaza to the Palestinians accomplished zero peaceful objectives, and lead only to increased rockets and other weapons being fired into Israel, giving the Palestinians any military sovereignty over Judea and Samaria will only give them a greater military advantage for the warfare we all know they wish to wage against innocent Jews. This paragraph is downright idiotic.

"20. We call for increasing aid for Africa, and other impoverished regions and nations of the world, in order to improve their living conditions, provide socio-economic and political stability, and realise the objectives of true democracy."

Practically speaking, this is a bad idea. The aid that has been sent to Africa by the USA and by Europe has not done the trick. This is largely because money sent by the West to Africa tends to be diverted by kleptocrats and corrupt governments. The US has enough financial troubles at home that it doesn't need to send money to a separate continent only to be squandered on fancy cars for corrupt dictators.

On the flip side, the declaration does state this:

"17. We call on all Muslims and other minorities living in the West to respect all the laws of the country in which they are living whether they possess the status of citizen or resident."

I find it interesting that you think a declaration is necessary in order to make this point.
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