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The text of the Luchos

The mem and the samech in the Luchos stood miraculously. Rav Chisda said: The script of the Luchos could be read both on the inside and the outside. For example, nevuv bovan; bahar rahav; saru veras. Shabbos 104a.

The Ohr HaChayim says that even though the Luchos were inscribed through and through, on both their sides, the writing was not reversed on either side.

How does the Ohr HaChayim fit with the Gemara--it seems to be saying the exact opposite, that on the other side it was reversed.

Also, the Yerushalmi (Shekalim 6:1) says that it could be read from all four sides, which also seems not to fit with the Bavli. Maybe the Yerushalmi holds that it was not reversed, and it is a machlokes Bavli and Yerushalmi, and the Ohr HaChayim is explaining it like the Yerushalmi?
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