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Eiruv / mechitzah

Hello all, it's not technically a question on eiruv per se, but rather on the proper mechitzos for reshus ha'yochid:

a very basic question: you have a single-family, detached house in town / suburb / country, as the case may be. What needs to be done so you can carry on your property (in the yard, from the house into the yard, shed, etc.)?

FWIW, I've asked the local rav, he told me I have to put sticks / posts in the ground with no more that 10 amos between each post / pole, and connect them with the rope no higher then (I think) 10 or 20 amos, don't remember exactly.

What I'm looking for is some sefer that deals with this subject in sufficient detail. I did go over hilchos eiruvin in Alter Rebbe's shulchan oruch (cursory review, though), but the halochos seemed to be spread over several simonim and I coudn't quite figure out all the requirments for this (and be sure that I got them all and correctly).

so I'm looking of some authoritative compilation of the relevant halochos. Some questions are if those poles can be attached to the house or the trees, how exactly the rope has to be attached to the poles (I've heard you have to put a nail at the top and tie it to the nail, but didn't see it written). What are the overall distannce / yard size limitations? (i.e., think of the farm). Can a wall or your neighbor's fence be a part of it?

If someone could give a comprehensive overview with the sources, it would be much appreciated.

Gut Shabbos!

P.S. needless to say, I'm looking for halochos according to the Alter Rebbe or later Lubavitcher poskim - so if it's one of the later books, I'd like to know if there're differences le'halocho
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