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Yud Aleph Nissan 5771 - Using Time Wisely

Heard a drasha tonight based on one of the Rebbe's sichos which focussed on the idea of using one's time to the fullest. In honor of Yud Aleph Nissan and the time crunch that always comes with this time of year, I want to invite everyone to give their comments on how to have hatzlacha b'zman.

For me. One thing I heard from the Rebbe (in the name of the FR), but its a common sentiment which is very important: Whatever you are doing, that is all you should be doing. So when you are learning, you learn. When you are davening, you daven. When you are working, you work. In life I have learned that multitasking is a myth. If I take a minute to make a list of goals and then tackle the list one thing at a time, I find I accomplish much more and much faster than if I tackle everything at once.

Bochurim should apply this when they set out their learning schedule for the day. Even within the daf itself, the bochur should say: First I will learn the Rashi, then I will learn the Tosfos, then I will try to understand the difference. In that way, each step gets its own moment of focus, and is therefore accomplished in the best and fastest way possible.

This is why we do not posken from a Chumash or from a Gemarrah. Those sforim have many purposes, but neither is designed to give halachah l'maaseh. The Shulchan Aruch takes issues one at a time and only focuses on those issues. No aggadatah, no chassidus, no theoretical debate. It focuses on what is the actual law - and that is the only thought process that will allow for a clear and correct psak.
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