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Unread 10-15-2009, 08:08 PM   #1
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Time Powerful Stories and 'Vertelach'

Hey Everyone,

I haven't been on here in a real long time, How active is it... Hmmm Lets find out.

So i am putting together a 'Collection' of Short to The Point Powerfull Story's for when i am sitting with a younger Bocher and Farbreinging, or even for myself...

For example;

If I am a because I am I, and you are you because you are you, the I am I and you are you.
But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I, then I am not I and you are not you.

There is a certain Rosh Yeshiva that has a bump on his head, his Talmidim call him the ‘Tosfos Harosh’.

Once someone came to the Berditchever demanding Kovod, showing that he got Smicha from many prominent Rabonim.
“Listen” said the Rav “The cow that was brought as a Korbon got Smicha from Arohon Hakohen himself, yet it stayed a Behaimah!

A chicken and cow are taking a stroll together when they chance upon a sign in front of a store selling eggs and steak.
The chicken turns to the cow and says proudly “look how we play such a vital role in humans, see, I give them my eggs to eat!
“True” says the cow to the chicken “but I give my steak!”
(Adam Ki Yakriv, Meekem Korban L’ehavayah.)

Please write things along these lines...

G-D Bless!
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Unread 10-15-2009, 09:02 PM   #2
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Thanks for the words and welcome back!
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Unread 10-17-2009, 09:23 PM   #3
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Thumbs up Come on.... Storys like this

A Shliach constantly had problems from a certain man in his city. Not only did this person not attend any of the Shliach's events, he publicly ridiculed the Shliach, and Lubavitch in general.

Yet one day, things drastically changed. The man spoke warmly to the Shliach, showing no signs of his formers self. The surprised Shliach asked the man what caused the changover. He replied, "Yesterday your 3 year old daughter was playing was over at our house. My daughter (who must have overheard what I thought of Lubavitch) told your daughter, "My father hates your father's Rebbe." Your daughter then replied, "But my father's Rebbe still loves your father."
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Unread 10-18-2009, 08:18 AM   #4
emes m'eretz
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It may get the creative juices flowing if you suggest certain topics, questions or issues; and ask for a short story or short vort related to that topic.
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Unread 12-27-2009, 04:23 PM   #5
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What is the origin of the story (where was it first printed) about Monye Monisson not understanding qualities of simple people, and R.Rashab asked him to show his diamonds, and said "I don't see anything special in them", Monye Monisson answers: You have to be meivin", and R.Rashab saying" for Jews you also have to be meivin"
I am also looking for sources (where printed) of several other stories (from the Frierdiker Rebbe):
Rebbe Rashab asks Fr.Rebbe to bribe a guard so he sat at Kaiser's table in his gozibo and using his stamped papers wrote down a maamar, and also R.Rashab and Fr.Rebbe observing Kaiser at a town reception and Kaiser looked at them and asked one of his people to tell the Rebbe to leave.
Story (by Refoel Nachman Kagan) about Rebe Rashab going to Petersburg, stuck in Moscow, getting together chassidim, raising funds and establishing "Ezra press" publishing.
Story how Rebe Rashab looked at a young man and said "Him! Not him! Him! Not him! No, not him!" and many years later that young man was searched by police trying to see his identity and also saying "Him! Not him!" and letting him go.
Story when Rebe Rashab asked the defense lawyer of Mendel Beilis during the blood libel trial to finish his defense speech with the words "Shma Isroel..."
Story how the Rebbe Rashab advised a young man with the profession of mechanical engineer to sell hats and later he was hired as the engineer by one of his hat customers.
Famous story about businessman producing galoshes and Rebe Rashab telling him not to put his head in galoshes.
Where is it say that Rebe Rashab was washing hands 3 times and not 2 and when asked answered that does not remember on spot but he trained his body to confirm to poskim.
Story how a young man saw Rebe during his draft into army and was so astonished that looked like an idiot and was considered crazy and freed from army, that took place a week after Rebe Rashab's histalkus.

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Unread 10-06-2010, 12:12 PM   #6
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The story
Once someone came to the Berditchever demanding Kovod, showing that he got Smicha from many prominent Rabonim.
“Listen” said the Rav “The cow that was brought as a Korbon got Smicha from Arohon Hakohen himself, yet it stayed a Behaimah!
Where is that from?
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Unread 04-21-2016, 07:43 PM   #7
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Lekavod coming back to the forum (I don't know for how long...), here's a geshmake story from Reb Laibel Raskin, I recorded this from him years ago:

פעם כשהנני ישן במיטתי האב געהערט דם רבינ'ס קול פון מיין צימער האב איך געאראכט אפשר איז דער רבי אריין אין דעם זאל איך קוק אריןין אין זאל און ס'ליידיק גיי איך אביסל ווויטער אין האל און איך הער דעם רבינ'ס קול נאך העכער!! נו גיי איך אריין נאך אביסל און איך זע אז דער צימער פון ר' חדוקוב איז געווען אפען . . גיי איך ארויס פון 770 שנעל . . און כרגיל אסך מאל פלעגט דער רבי מצד פארסשידנע טעמים עפענען די שייד' פון די פענסטער אזוי אז מ'קען זען וואס טוט זיך אינוויניק .

איך גיב א קוק און איך זע דער רבי שטייט מלא קומתו מיט די הענט ארוף (בסימן תביעה) און שרייט [מפאלג הערען אמאל ביי פארברינגענישן אז דער רבי שרייט ספיציעל ביי מיהו יהודי אבער דאס איז געווען באין ערוך העכער] "ארברענט דעם בוך! ווי קומט עם אז א איד אין דער צוואנטיגסטער יאר הונדערט זאל שרייבען אזא בוך?! טוט תשובה!!!נט זיצן דריי גרויס ע באקן גראבע אקסן און דער רבי שטייט אנקעגן זיי און שרייט ..!

נאך אמשך זמן גייען ארויס די דריי גראבע מענטשן איינער איז געווען ממש בגראבער און די אנדערע צווי אביסל דינער. איינער האט געשמייכל אביסל און די אנדערע אביסל מער ערנט. דעס איז נאך געווען דריי אזייגער פארטאג און איך האב נאך ניט גאוואוסט וואס וט זיך דערנאך הנאב איך אויסגעפונען זא איינער פון די דריי דער גרויסער בקק איז א שרייבער וואס לעבט אין וואשינגטאן און ער הטט געשריבען א בוך אז די גאנצע סיפור במשה רבינו הוא פרופאגנדא פון די רבינים בקיצור ווען דער רבי האט אויסגעפונען ווגן דעם בוך האט ער געבעטון מען זאל רופן דעם שרייבערן צו עם. פאר די נעקסטע פאר טעג האט מען פארבריינגט וועגן דםע אז לכאו' וועמען ארט עס אז ער וועט שרייבען דם בוך ווער וועט עס שוין ליינען נאר ס'האט געארט דעם רבין טאמער וועט אפילו איין מענטש נשפע ווערן פון דעם בוך - דאס איז א רבי!
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