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on no chiddushei dinim in arko'os

In Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 29, p. 98, the Rebbe seems to be saying that umos ho'olom have no concept of being mechadeish dinim, because their dinim exist bishleimus. Yidden, on the other hand, have the power to be mechadeish in their dinim. My question is: Arent legislators in arkoos shelohem constantly being mechadeish new laws, precedents, etc.?

Perhaps the teretz is: The sheva Mitzvos themselves, and their protim and protei protim as explained in sifrei gedolei Yisrael, are min haShomayim, and therefore unchanging. It is about these laws that were saying that judges in arkoos shelohem cant be mechadeish dinim; however, they can legislate new lawsdina demalchusaaccording to the need of the time, and these laws will be binding on the people under their jurisdiction so that there will be law and order, and thats a separate matter, that doesnt detract from the chiddush that only poskei Yisrael can be mechadeish dinim, because these secular laws are man-made, and thus inherently temporary and changeable.
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