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Unread 06-20-2012, 12:59 PM   #26
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You seem to be living in dor hashishi.

Any "student of the Rebbe" knows that the Rebbe does not fear in our generation that wealth will compromise a persons Yiddishkeit, and aderaba.
France was conquered by Chassidus, meanwhile Russia fell.
Who wants to be rich?

Terumah nun-bais: a hora'a to be rich. First of all in Torah and Mitzvos and, then b'pashtus (ayyy, some people skip the first part of the hora'a, but what's new)

If you want to do big things for hafatzas hamaayonos and kabalas pnei Moshiach, you need $$$. Small budget, small peulos; big budget, big peulos.

Originally Posted by noahidelaws View Post
Here the Tzemach Tzedek doesn't seem to indicate that there is any problem with davvening for material wealth, just that you have to davven for it and make a greater keli for it. While here the Frierdikeh Rebbe clearly thinks it's a problem, because you are kidding yourself that you want it leshem Shomayim; it's just coming from your yeshus.

Now, you can answer, "if you truly want wealth leshem Shomayim, then you can davven for it." But that sounds like a madreigah, and I wonder how many wannabe gevirim, never mind actual gevirim, are ever holding by that.

Also, if the Mitzvah of tefillah is to davven for what you feel that you are lacking, then even if you haven't reached the madreigah of wanting all gashmiyus leshem Shomayim, shouldn't you davven for it if that's your desire? But l'idoch, if your kavonoh is not pure, and you know that only too well, isn't it going against Hashem to davven for something that is against Hashem's will--that you be memalei your taavah for mosros?

Lmaaseh people don't seem to be "choshesh" to the concern of the Frierdikeh Rebbe; aderabah, if you express a wish for Hashem to simply provide you with your needs as per the posuk "Give me neither poverty nor riches, but provide me with my daily bread," people will tell you "no--ask for harchavah davka!"

Some suggested reasons for this hanhagah: 1. the Rebbe bentched others with harchavah. But so what--did the Rebbe public ask for himself to have harchavah? Aderaba, the Rebbe preferred living very modestly davka! 2. They want the best for you--that's takkeh very nice, so let them bentch you with as much as they want--why should you modify your request? Is it so terrible to simply follow the example of Shlomo hamelech?
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emes m'eretz
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Originally Posted by Intrigued View Post
You seem to be living in dor hashishi. Any "student of the Rebbe" knows ...
first of all, thank you for the source.

second, any student of the rebbe knows that the rebbe wanted us to talk to people bedarchei noam, as opposed to putting people down.

personally, it doesn't bother me. and i'm sure that when we sit by a farbrengen together, we can yell at each other quite comfortably. and it could be that i'm completely off the mark here. and i'm sure that you intended no insult, and that this is your way of talking.

but my humble suggestion is, that since chabadtalk so far only has virtual mashkeh, that it's usually more constructive to talk to people respectfully. (see the sichos where the rebbe talks about rabbi akiva's talmidim, that even though they cared for each other, and wanted the other to recognize the truth, still they needed to show respect.)

thanks again for being meir eineinu with the source that you brought.
and you should continue to illuminate. un hobin nisht kein faribel (i mainly mean it for your benefit.)

besurois toivois
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