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Originally Posted by Maskil View Post
Of course. (Were you kidding?) That's EXACTLY what lipstick is for. Explicitly so. And anyone who thinks it's not the case is deluding herself.

Same with nail polish.

Same with...
Same with a lot of things. But nobody thinks about that before wearing them, because their heads aren't blue (or pink, if you're French).

Originally Posted by hishtatchus View Post
Since when is a woman's hair Klipah?
Since when is any hair not klipa?

Originally Posted by Blimy View Post
so why are yh'all mocking nail polish...lipstick is worse...
du the poskim issur it at all? any?
So don't wear either one.

Poskim? For das Yehudis? Feh. Chutz mizeh, there are some who will encourage it, either for shidduchim or otherwise. (Feh for that, too. Ask me what I think of makeup.)

Originally Posted by n'eNow770 View Post
I had walked into a drugstore, and i passed the nail polish section, and i saw a color that i thought was really "cool". It was this light orange-y color, ( no it wasnt that loud of a color) I thought it was so nice, and wore it all Shabbos etc... then i didn't take it off on monday in time for school, but my Menahel made a speech and it really got to me, it was about "not beating the syster" (some of you might have read this from me b4) anyways, and he said how no one cares what's on your nails, and it could be that no one's looking, but if you're going against the rules, and behind ppl's backs just to wear nail polish, then slowly in changes who u r, and u go against the rules and behind ppl's backs for other things that could be waaay worse... it changes who you are. Needless to say, i took the nail polish off right then and there, and gave the color away to sumone else. So now the question remains: Why is it looked upon so badly?! What is wrong with a nice color? How do men view nail polish? Is it really something that attracts them to a girl?!
Different men view it differently, as with all things.
Why didn't you save it and put it on your toes? Nobody would see them anyways....

Originally Posted by iamachassid View Post
Why did you pass it on instead of dumping it?
Why not?

Originally Posted by n'eNow770 View Post
Does anyone have any Psak Din's on this???
No piskei din on das Yehudis, just people trying to restore sensitivities that are long gone and sorely missed.

Originally Posted by n'eNow770 View Post
What about the length of nails? like how long is too long?
Too long= when you can't make sure that they're clean for netilat yadayim vichidome.

Originally Posted by jewgal84 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there are any specific Halacha rules conserning the lengh of nails.
If it's too long to be clean, then there's a halacha.

Originally Posted by IAmSara View Post
Various shiurim I have attended in Crown Heights, with halacha teachers. Sorry I can't quote chapter and verse; I don't think it works like that.
You do know that halacha teachers can't pasken on this, don't you?
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You can if they're given by the rabbonim.
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Originally Posted by shmush View Post
whats the deal with nail polish?
is is also considered "rebellious" and "frying out"?
Didn't the Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka wear nail polish ? Anyways Imho as long as it's not purple or black or long with glitter and stuff it's fine. To me it's the same as make up.
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