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The Rebbe's Children

You are the Rebbe's child. I am the Rebbe's child. We're all the Rebbe's children. And yet we are all special, all unique, each in his or her own way.

I'd like to dedicate this essay to all of the Rebbe's children who are "modern Lubavitchers", or even "Lubavitchers at heart". First, I want you to know the Rebbe loves you deeply. You are and always will be his child. No matter what.

However, it breaks my heart to see you fall. And I'm powerless to stop it. You are my friend. You were my mashpia/shliach in yeshiva, my head counselor, and yet I can't prevent you from crossing all lines, from doing everything your heart desires...

I still respect and love you. I always will. And yet I feel I have to talk to you. But I can't, because I already did. I listened, explained, and you defended your new ways, your new thinking. You told me you wanted to feel liberated, to be you, to do only what you feel and want. I saw you become less chassidish,then less frum, then totally fri. I'm scared, I'm upset, and I'm guilty because I can't do anything and yet I feel for you.

What happened? I never noticed anything when we were together. How could you have sunk so low? You left yeshiva, trimmed your beard, watched movies, and did stuff at night that was far from what a yeshiva bochur should do. And yetyou went to minyan, kept cholov yisroel, and mikva. And I didn't see how far you sunk till I really found out...

Or you kept your full beard and stayed in Yeshiva out of kovod for your family,but it's been a long time since you gave up on Tefillin, Kosher, and Shabbos when no one is watching...

Or you did Semicha with me, and I remember your brilliant arguments, and yet today you aren't frum and live a life of depravity.

Or you're on drugs, abusing Lechaims, smoking, have a gun, work in the underworld...

What happened?! I didn't notice. So call me naive. I guess I really am.

Did the system fail you? Maybe you just can't sit and learn Gemara for hours on end? Maybe you have ADD? Maybe you were abused as a child by your Rebbi or another adult you respected and it shattered your world? Maybe you're just frustrated that Moshiach hasn't come yet? Maybe you think whoever was supposedly in charge of Lubavitch turned it into a joke and caused you to lose respect forit all?

My goal is to tell you that no matter the reason for your choice, now is the time to connect to your true self. To achieve heights you never attained even before you started your new life. Regardless of the pleasures you have enjoyed,you're not truly happy. Even though you may think you're still frum and even reasonably chassidish, you know deep down you're not living up to your true desire. You are a Lubavitcher. A light unto both Yidden and Goyim. Your helige Neshomo isn't comfortable being forced to participate in all the at best narishkeit and at worst utter depravity. You know it. You feel it. Don't try to convince yourself of the opposite because deep down you know the truth.

I can't do anything more than appeal to you, dear friend, to rethink your choice. I love you dearly. At night, I cry for you thinking about how you're
putting the King's Head in the most disgusting filth. I'm not judging you. You have suffered at the hands of the system more than I could ever imagine.

However, know that you matter and that there is no system. If you somehow can't sit and learn 8 hours a day or want to go on Shlichus, you can still be frum and chassidish. Nobody said you have to be a globe trotter to be Lubavitch. You see, the system has evolved into something other than what the Rebbe wants. Yes, the Rebbe wants Semicha before marriage and Shlichus, but you can achieve Semicha other than by sitting in the Zal the whole day with practically no one to help you learn. You deserve more guidance and are entitled to it. You can still be chassidish while living a Shlichus lifestyle but not actually being on Shlichus.

You see, you think that because you can't sit and learn the whole day in Yeshiva, don't want to go on Shlichus, don't like being a counselor in camp or going around the world helping Shluchim, and want to make a decent parnasa, that you can c"v drop out of "the system". Well, I have good news for you: There is no system. All the above aren't requirements of being Lubavitch. Being Lubavitch means following what the Rebbe wants in a way that works for you. Not everyone can be brought up in a cookie-cutter manner. We each have our individualities, and the system is changing because it's not working. The system failed you, but unfortunately you think that because it failed you, you now can do everything you want, enjoy every imaginable pleasure, and take part in anything without any thought at all. Please reconsider. If you change your ways and reconnect to your essence, you will have won against all odds. You want to show your strength? Your defiance of every halacha and convention? That you can do what you want? Then choose to be yourself. Your real self. The one who cries with me at night...

The only thing that counts is that you follow in the derech hayashar, in the Rebbe's ways. You are his beloved child. The Rebbe watches you 24/7 and deeply cares about you as his only child. You may technically be one of many, but you are his only, unique, special, beloved child. Change now. I want to see your beard again. I want to see your kapote. I want to see real happiness in your eyes and smile. I want to see your chitzonius relfecting your pnimiyus. I want to see you live in kedusha and tahara. I couldn't care less whether you have more or less money than you used to. I love you. I respect you. I admire you. You had the strength to go against the tide. You had the courage to live according to your own views. You are independent. You are smart, honest, and kind. Do it. Do it for Hashem Who created you. Do it for the Rebbe who loves you. Do it for yourself. Because you are worth it. You are the future. You will be the one to bring Moshiach. Please don't keep him waiting. Do it NOW!
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