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Moshiach in Jewish History

When did "Waiting for Moshiach" become a part of our life?
For example, Chizkiyahu could have been Moshiach, so were people waiting for the final Geulah in his time? So when did we start "waiting for Moshiach"? We all know it's an ikkar of our emunah and something we have to always be doing, waiting for the coming of Moshiach. But why don't we hear about waiting for Moshiach before the Churban? For example, in Mitzrayim, were they waiting for Moshiach? Who was Moshiach- Moshe Rabbeinu, right?

Or is it just that we're waiting for the Geulah, the revelation of the alef, and Moshiach is the sign that it has come?
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I think, throughout the ages, everyone has waited for Moshiach. In Mitzrayim, they waited for Moshe; they knew they would be redeemed.
Technically, Moshiach could have come after yetziat mitzrayim, but there were a few mistakes made. But throughout history, they always knew that even the Beit Hamikdash was not final until Moshiach came. I don't think we can pinpoint exactly when it happened, but there was a mesorah, handed down from generation to generation, that Moshiach has yet to come.
Interesting question...
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