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Question Going Back To Yeshiva

I need some advice from some other Bochurim -

I have been out of Yeshiva for the past few months as I was not doing to well anyways I got a job working for a shliach in Los Angeles and since I had a car I was able to learn in the yeshiva for a couple hours a day - this however is no longer and I had an offer to go work for a shliach in russia and I was going to go - however this past week I wrote to the Rebbe to get a bracha to go and I get an answer that a the souls descent to world is only for the purpose to surround itself with torah and mitzvot and nothing else - (it was pretty obvious that the rebbe was telling me to go back to yeshiva - but the problem was that I was having a really hard time learning the entire day and thus I didnt want to commit to a yeshiva full time - So I put another letter in asking about not being able to learn all day and the awnser basically said when a person has a struggle with the yetzer hora he must on the contrary not give up but fight even stronger - I however was not satisfied and thus put a third letter in asking the rebbe if he would allow me to go to Russia - this time the answer said flat out that a bochurs place is in Yeshiva. So I called my Mashpia and he spent a long time reiterating to me that the Rebbe knows best and it is very true that a bochurs place is in yeshiva. I havent really learned in a long time and thus my skills are very shvach - I was in Hadar Hatorah last year and spent alot of time making a camp and the year before that I was in Miami and also spent more time making a camp then I did learning. But now I have rally hit a dead end in that the rebbes telling me I must learn now. I am wondering about diffrent yeshiva Gedolas - for a least until the summer I wana stay in america and so my options are very limited - I am really thinking between Ohlei Torah and Chavlay Torah in Crown Heights - Any body been to these places? what do you have to say ? Ideas anyone???
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*read with a drumroll* ...and this is why we don't (ab)use Igros!

How old are you? The Yeshivos are for up until age 19-20. Oholei Torah is not a stable environment, Chovevay Torah may be better.
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I am almost 19 - I am wondering what the difference is between Chovevay Torah and Oholei Torah. Is there a strong difference in the personality of the bochurim? I remember a few years back I spent a few days at the Chovevay Torah Misifta and the bochrum there were not to "Chassidish" (I say that with lack of a better word). How diffrent is the Zal from the misifta particularly as far as the bochruim?
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