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Question will the yetzer hara be slaughtered?


In the Talmud Sukkah 52a it is taught that in the future Hashem will slaughter the yetzer hara (some of our Sages interpret this verse as referring to Mashiach Ben Yosef.)
Rebbi Yehudah says that in the future, Hash-m will take the Yetzer ha'Ra and slaughter it in front of the Tzadikim and the Resha'im. Both the Tzadikim and the Resha'im will cry and mourn the "death" of the Yetzer ha'Ra. The Tzadikim will cry out of their realization that the Yetzer ha'Ra, which they overcame, was like an insurmountable mountain. They will cry, "How were we able to conquer such a great mountain like this?" The Resha'im will realize that the Yetzer ha'Ra, which they failed to overcome, was like a tiny thread of hair, and they will cry, "How were we not able to conquer such a small thread of hair?"
The immense remorse of the Resha'im when the truth is revealed to them is easy to understand. Why, though, will the Tzadikim cry? They should rejoice that they were able to conquer the Yetzer ha'Ra in their lifetimes!
This teaching in the Talmud (iirc) is based on a verse in Zechariah, which according to some of our Sages (as brought in Rashi) is referring to Mashiach Ben Yosef.
and they shall mourn over it Over that slaughter.
as one mourns over an only son As a man mourns over his only son. And our Sages expounded this in tractate Sukkah (52a) as referring to the Messiah, son of Joseph, who was slain.
Rabbi Immanuel Shochet brings in his scholarly essay about MBY in the name of the Shem MiShmuel that the decree regarding the death of MBY has been annulled.
[17]. The battle of Gog and Magog (see above, Appendix I, note 2) is another of the complex issues of the Messianic redemption. In fact, an authoritative tradition from the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov states that the extraordinary length of the present severe galut has already made up for the troubles of that battle and the trauma of the death of Moshiach ben Yossef, so that these will no longer occur; see R. Shemuel of Sochachev, Shem MiShemuel, Vayigash, s.v. Vayigash 5677 (s.v. venireh od, p. 298bf.).
In this case a few questions could be asked:
* What is the connection between MBY and the yetzer hara, that causes them to be learned out from a single verse by our Sages?

* Since the decree of death of MBY has been annulled b'chasdei Hashem, could it then stand to reason that the decree of slaughtering against the yetzer hara may also have been annulled?

* Another suggestion - perhaps we could say that the crying of the righteous would be due to the fallen sparks of elokus that were not successfully elevated to holiness, by the time the ketz came. The crying of the reshaiim was due to the reduction and destruction of their souls for the eternal life, that was wrought by the yetzer hara R'L. However, if the decree of death on MBY has been annulled, then perhaps the implication of this could be that it will not be neccesary for the yetzer hara to be slaughtered since the entire yetzer will be transformed and elevated to the service of holiness - ithafcha (see basi legani) - therefore, we will merit b'ezrat Hashem to the virtue of achishena, even when the geulah comes bitoh, as explained by some of the mefarshim including the Rebbe.
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