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First of all, thank you so much for replying! Now I do not know if this is a conversion center per se, but this is the only Modern Orthodox center in West Houston from what the internet tells me. Here's the website It is the United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston.

That being said, some tell me its better to start with Modern Orthodox before jumping right into Chassidim, but I'm not sure. There are many chabad houses/centers in West Houston (about 6). Would you agree with the advice given, start with Modern Orthodox before jumping into Chassidim? Personally it sounds like a good place to start, and if I want to begin living an even more pious life, I have that option. I just need a place to start my journey. My end goal would be to live a hasidic lifestyle, but like I said I need a place to start. I still attend a secular college but this will most likely change once I consult the rabbi here in Singapore.

Again, thanks for your help! I really appreciate it.
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