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Light Rav Kaduri: Moshiach Comes Av 5772

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The Rebbe blessed Rav Kaduri to be "mashpia al kol kadur ha'aretz". Rav Kaduri's chavrusa tells that Rav Kaduri told him that Moshiach will come Menachem Av 5772--this month. I'm sure we all hope to see him proven correct!

HaMekubal Rav Kaduri Said Moshiach Will Come in Chodesh Av 5772

Rabbi Yosef Hayim Zakkai, from the city Beitar Illit, who merited to learn many years as the chavruta of the elder Mekubal Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, and in addition, acted as the chazzan of his Yeshiva for 15 years, reveals to "Or Elyon" the awesome secret that he heard with his own ears from the holy mouth of Rav Kaduri on the time of the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu:

It was on Chanukah, 5766 (2006), about a month before the passing of the elder Mekubal Rav Yitzchak Kaduri ztzl, we sat and learned the Holy Zohar as is our custom every evening. Suddenly, the Rav asked me: 'Why did Yehuda do this?' In other words, why did Yehuda bring the Moshiach with the story of Yehuda and Tamar in a way that appears not proper? I answered him, 'The honored Rav knows all the secrets, and definitely, that which the Kabbalists explained is not hidden from his holy eyes - that HKB"H wanted to hide from the ", who is the head of the forces of the sitra achra (impure forces) in the world, that He is bringing the Moshiach in order that he will not be jealous and prevent his coming to the world. Therefore, HKB"H brought the Moshiach in an outer form that looks - kivyachol - like it is being done in an unholy way, and by doing so, the matter will be hidden from the eyes of the ".'

The Rav repeated the aforementioned question again and again, and then, I understood that the rabbi is interested that we speak about the Moshiach. I got the courage and asked him, "Our rabbi! When will Moshiach come?" The Rav answered me, "I cannot reveal," and laughed a big laugh. I asked him again, "Our rabbi! When will Moshiach come?" The Rav answered in 2 words, " [in the year 5772]", and he repeated this twice. I was very shocked by his words, and immediately, when I left the Ravs home, I went up to the Kollel of Kabbalists in the Ravs Yeshiva, and told over what the Rav had said -- they were all amazed.

About 2 weeks later, in the beginning of Tevet, 5766, the rabbi was admitted to Bikur Cholim Hospital in Yerushalayim. I would arrive daily to the hospital to learn with the Rav. And then, I asked him again, "Our rabbi! In what month and in what year will Moshiach come?" And the Rav answered me, "In the month of Av, 5772." And he repeated this twice. It is important to note that Rav Kaduri retained consciousness until 2 weeks before his passing. Rav Kaduri passed away on 29 Tevet, 5766.

From Ohr Elyon publication, Gilyon #23, Cheshvan, 5772
Original gilyon Ohr Elyon:!115&authkey=!
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