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Human sacrifices are forbidden in the Torah (read, for instence, Vayikro 18:21). This is a prohibition that is repeated in many places throughout the Tanakh. The fact that some Benei Yisroel did it in some time in Jewish history does not mean that it was permitted. Concerning the particular case of the story related in that eleventh chapter of Shoftim, we can see that Jephthah was particular about his honor (because he swore), and as a result he sacrificed his own daughter. In fact, he could have spared her, eventhough he swore. And because of that, Jephthah was punished by G-d. Rashi says that Jephthah was afflicted with boils and dismemberment as it is stated, (Shoftim 12:7) “And he was buried in the cities [pl.] of Gilead.” (His limbs were buried in the various cities.)

Read the whole commentary of Rashi on Shotim 11:39.
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