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American Kabbalist responded:

sanhedrin 99a דברים אשר לא כן (Rashi) things that are not honestly,or sincere...iehidden agenda as deviating from pushut pshat that is easilyunderstood, rather taking up an opinion that is hard to understand dueto the sod aspect that the masses dont bother to delve into thesubject matter in order to understand the torah on a deeper level due to circumstance. look to the midrash 2000 years tohu torahmoshiach...last i heard, there wasnt 2000 years of moshiach unless youconsider you know who to be. which we dont, implying there must be adeeper message...when dealing with thr biggest secrets of mankind, iemoshiach why wouldnt that call for ultimate sodot...thus its nothonest and derech eretz to allow for the masses to err due toinclination of the unlearned mind. thus the rebuke, notice thewords,"wrong"were not said. this is not even a matter of halacha. thisis dayot of geulah. on 98b, we say moshiach and david and moshe, isthat a machlokes too? the answer is moshiach incorporates moshe anddavid. this line of thinking, is a clear expression of how there trulyis no such thing as machlokes in the torah, if we strive tounderstand even the most difficult passages in the talmud. and to saythat the passages are not difficult, is an insult to the infinitewisdom of God. the difference is bekius and iyun. bekius, we think weknow, iyun reveals the fractal of torah to try to really know whatHashem really has to say, and on that level the torah becomes a klifor dayot of emes and understood within a different context one basedon emes, one not grasped by the am ha aretz, which is why there is adifference between madregos in scholarship and devotion. daas torah isnot a popularity contest, rather a challenge to grasp the mind so tospeak of the divine, and to find shalom within the text, no matter howmuch the adversary, the Soton wants to proclaim and perpetuate the sheker of machlokes.
Reading this reminds me of reading the broken run-on Rabbenu Chananels on the side of the daf, except in this case it is probably a waste of time.
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