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Did the Rebbe ever say anywhere that when Moshiach comes there will be no such thing as an Ohel? Obviously, if we think in our own simple terms, after hekitzu v'ranenu shochnei afar, so then there is no need for the Beis Hachayim, etc.

But someone said to me that the Rebbe never said or implied or expressed hope for a time when there wouldn't be an Ohel (even though the FR will be at the head of the Techiya) because the inyan of Ohel is the inyan of Makif of Sovev l'asid lavo and adaraba not only will the FR still have an Ohel but every Jew will have one (in a spiritual sense, anyway).

Did the Rebbe ever say anything to this effect or to the contrary?
Sounds like a load of nonesense to me. But what do I know?
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