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HeyHEllo is right!!! (how he/she figured it out idk) I was going trhu a rocky stage at the time. i wanted a boyfriend yet knew i cant have one, i was waiting for someone to reach out to me, and i had these questions, it was a strange time fo rme. some of what i posted was true info most was not. basicaly i did not know how to ask my questions properly nor deal with my feelings properly. I have been meaning to apologize for some time now but i was too embarresed. now that its out in the open I will sieze the moment. To All Members Here At ChabadTALk: I herby apolgize for that wich i posted that was not the truth and i am extremely sorry for wasting your time. Sorry 100 times over. hope you can all forgive me (p.s. no hard feelings- heyhello)
I am amazed! good for you chitas=connect!! who would have imagined that someone who admit publicly???? i cant believe it! good for you!
As long as you have et sorted out we are all happy for you, no?
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