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Originally Posted by noahidelaws View Post
Someone was telling me that when Moshiach comes, we will be able to eat begashmiyus both mon and the etz hadaas. Can someone confirm or deny this?
We have to understand what is meant by gashmiyus l'asid lavo.

The Mitteler Rebbe writes that l'asid lavo the ta'anug Eloki of tefila will come b'hisgashmus. Obviously, this does not mean a really tasty piece of fish.

The geshem will return to ohr, the kosnos 'or (with ayin) return to kosnos ohr (with alef) and it will be like it is by the Eybershter that by Him, yisborach, machshava is nechshav maaseh gufani.

Gashmiyus will be like it was by Adam Harishon, and even higher, and it says that by AHR his physical palate tasted ruchniyus, and his ruchniyus palate tasted Elokus.
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