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I see what you're suggesting, but does that then mean that for a non-Tzaddik, any hatred and miyus of evil in the outside world is either 1. really an extension of his own inner struggle; or 2. fake (dimyonos)? Aren't there things that "nafsho shel odom kotzeh bohem"? Also, what about saying ad mosai--do you mean to suggest that a non-Tzaddik is not shayach to saying ad mosai mit an emes, because of golus haShechinah, or the tzaar of Knesess Yisrael, and the like--kavonos removed from his own inner struggle?

Another chiluk of interest that I note (wondering if you know what the explanation of it might be) is that in perek 10, in connection to avodas haTzaddikim, the Alter Rebbe says that the hatred and miyus are the flip side of the ahavas Hashem, and the Alter Rebbe mentions the ahavas Hashem first, while in perek 14, when describing how to fulfill tehi Tzaddik, the Alter Rebbe mentions the miyus first, and only then the ahavah.
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