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The chiluk is simple...

In perek chof tes is talking about his miyus in the yetzer hara's ways.

In perek yud dalet it's talking about miyus in the rah itself (-separate from any struggle and separate from any dealings with the yetzer).

The first is shayach davka to a beinoni and not a tzadik. It's all about his struggle, and a tzadik doesn't struggle with the y"h.

The tzadik still has dealings with rah though. Hence the miyus mentioned in perek yud dalet.

Efshar loimar, that the beinoni's avoida at the end of perek yud dalet - is that he views the evil as it is outside of himself (meaning - he takes himself out of the entire picture and he no longer focuses on his struggle...). Then he loathes it.
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