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Originally Posted by ssrs94 View Post
According to the concept of Ein Od Milvado, everything- including Torah and Mitzvos and the mission of us making a Dira B'rachtonim, does not really exist. It's only G-d that exists. Simple, right?
If so, what are we doing here in this world, "playing a game" of sorts- as if everything and even ourselves really exist? As if we make a difference!?
Even the mission to make an abode here for G-d is really nothing because of Ein Od Milvado!
So how are we supposed to live with the constant idea of Ein od milvado to the last degree? Cuz then nothing matters and WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE!!!???
Or to continue on with life?- but if so, were kidding the concept of ein Od milvado! lchayim!
I hope I'm explaining the question properly...
How far does ein od milvado go? Even to the point of Torah and Mitzvos and that we should make a dira btachtonim?
there were 2 chassidim from the TZ TZ that they after learning chassidus and one of them didnt want to pay back a loan based on "ein od milvado"
they came to the Tz Tz and the TzTz and he asked this chossid is if was true that he didn't want to pay the loan based on the claim "ein od milvado" the chossid said yup
the TZ TZ said lets take this gornisht(pointing the chossid) put on top of this gornisht (pointing the table) and take this gornisht (pointing his belt) and see if everything is gornisht
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