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Neshama to seichel to moach

Is the idea of how neshama fits into the mind and into the brain discussed in detail in Chassidus Chabad? (Or, rather, can someone provide me with the sources where it's discussed?)

I was thinking about this while reading these two posts:

I think he is saying that it's like a key fitting the lock.

Except, the form of the key is more eidel than its substance, more emesdik. Which is why we can have a key made of any metal (or even wood) and a lock made of any metal. So, you have two pieces of substance, interacting through their form. Grubkeit of the key up to eidelkeit of the key over to eidelkeit of the lock down to grubkeit of the lock. This is the meaning that they "fit".

But what he is saying is that soul fits the mind of the brain, because on its lower level, it has the same "pattern" as the mind of the brain. But, the rest of the soul is more eidel than its lowest component. It's like a spiritual key. So, you have super-eidelkeit of the soul down to lower eidelkeit of the soul over to eidelkeit of the brain (aka mind) down to grubkeit of the brain (brain matter).

This would answer the kasha (so to speak) that Neuroscientist atheists seem to raise that all "mental states" can be seemingly explained by all neural states (except, possibly, consciousness). So then, lichoira, what's the need for the neshama?

(Or, all the aspects of the growth of a blade of grass can be explained by the properties of molecules of the grass interacting with each other. So, what's the need for the mazal to tell the blade to grow?)

He is saying above that the "mind" is a lower extension of the soul. So, that's no chiddush for us, right? But the point is that neshama's "mind" fits into the "mind" produced by the brain. Kind of like the shape of a key fitting into the shape of a lock. (Shape of the lock being not the same thing as the matter of the lock, but insaparable, just like the physical mind is not the same thing as the physical brain, but they are inseparable.)

So, I'd like to learn this in a greater detail from sources in Chabad Chassidus.

Thanks and Good Shabbos.
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