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Originally Posted by noahidelaws View Post
See the Radak's pirush on Yoel 3:1 here. He seems to be differentiating children from adults, and saying that davka children will have nevuo l'osid lovo, and not older people. Do you think it means children born after Moshiach comes, or even those who are children when Moshiach comes? I would have thought it means only children born after, because he explains that most nevi'im were born to prophesy; this would seem to preclude children born in golus from prophesying.
The Malbim on this posuk:

"...this will be at the End of days, [the prophet Yoel] will prophecy what will be in those days...your young sons and daughters that will be born in the generation of the Moshiach who will be ready for divine spirit, they will experience complete prophecy. The elders, who were born in the previous generation, far from the generation of Moshiach, will only experience visionary dreams, which are a inferior type of vision compared to prophecy. Your young men, who were also born before the coming of Moshiach but were born closer to that time than the elders, they will see visions, which are superior to dreams but inferior to prophecy."

Also, see footnote, Sefer Hasichos 5751 p.744, referenced here
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