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I have seen a number of letters of the Rebbe on this matter, but I have yet to see a letter in which the Rebbe cites a specific source, e.g., the Rambam in Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah, or some posuk, or the like, in support of the Rebbe's shitah that al pi Torah, the sun goes around the earth. Because the Rambam seems to hold not only that the earth is in the center and not revolving around anything else, but that it doesn't even revolve on its axis. For if the earth would revolve on its axis, there is no need to say that the sun and stars are revolving around the earth every night.

If, however, Mishneh Torah is not the Rebbe's source for his shitah, then perhaps the Rebbe could hold that what the Rambam writes about galgalim, etc. (which no one will question conformed with the science of his time) does not need to be accepted literally, but at the same time, due to relativity, the earth can still be said to be in the center, because of whatever other source that indicates so.
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