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Acrostic Torah 'codes'

Hi, new here, but I am interested in Torah acrostics, and Notarikon, and I noticed the following when pondering the question "what is the purpose of mankind?". Considering the central Mitzvah of the Shema, which begins in English as 'hear'/'listen'/'hearken'/'understand'/'obey', I looked at Bereshit 1 to see if I could find anything in G-d's creating of Man and I found this:

"...G-d created man...male and female He created them..." (1:27)

I took the three words that encapsulates exactly what was created here; firstly mankind in the general '', then secondly the specific male '' and female ''. Using the acrostic method we have: Aleph - Zayin - Nun . This spells the word '' which is the Hebrew for 'ear'.

Does this tell us that mankind functions as an ear; ready to receive the word of G-d, which is expressed specifically in the Shema to 'listen' and ultimately 'obey'

moreover the Gematria of ozen (ear) is 58, the same as Noach (). Is this also to say that Noach acted as an ear, hearing the call of G-d, the first man to listen, understand and obey, ultimately being saved from the flood?

I'd appreciate any thoughts
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