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Some of this is a bit speculative, but here goes:

The Alter Rebbe talks about the reward for the Mitzva, that it is the Mitzvah itself.
Meaning, the bringing forth of the G-d's Essence (the Commander of the Mitzva) into the world.
So when we do the Mitzva, we bring G-d's Essence to us.
And this will be revealed when Moshiach comes.
And this will be the reward. Bringing G-d's Essence to us.

In the example with the flowers, he wants to bring the flowers because he wants to do it for her.
And when he brings the flowers, this strengthens and highlights their bond.

And when someone does a Mitzvah not for the reasons, but for the sake of G-d, then I think that this is similar to bringing the flowers for her sake, and this highlights the bond that will be revealed in the Geula, as the Alter Rebbe describes it.

So this is all with regard to the "Reward of the Mitzva is the Mitzva itself."

The Tzemach Tzedek talks about reasons.
And I think that this would be similar to the example where he tries to understand the reasons why she like the flowers.
And he is trying to understand it because she wants him to.
And we try to understand the reasons for Mitzvos because Hashem wants us to.

And as I wrote in post #17, there are benefits to both (the essential bond per se, and trying to understand the reasons.)

Both strengthen and enhance the bond and the relationship, just as it does in marriage, or with a teacher and a student, or with a parent and a child etc.
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