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Originally Posted by mvakeshet View Post
I recently heard someone quote a midrash that said that when Moshiach comes, the reasons behind all the mitzvos will be revealed.
What does this mean? I thought that the essence of mitzvos is that they are beyond reason...
In Tanya (chapters 36, 37) the Alter Rebbe explains that in oilom habo we will have the reward of the Mitzvos.
That the reward of the Mitzva is the Mitzva itself.
That this is the revelation of G-dliness which we bring about by doing Mitzvos.

In Derech Mitzvoisecho, minui melech (near the end), the Tzemach Tzedek explains that the reasons for Mitzvos will be revealed to us in oilom habo.
Nevertheless, Moshiach will understand higher ideas; ideas which we will be able to connect to only in a makif (above us) way.

Perhaps the above references can shed some light on the original question of this thread.

I'm not sure where "essence" of the Mitzvos would fit in.
Maybe it would fit in with "reward." Or maybe it would fit in with the higher understanding which only Moshiach will understand. Or maybe it's another thing altogether.
If someone can bring a reference to "essence of Mitzvos" it should help.
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