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Originally Posted by Yankel Nosson View Post
The Mitteler Rebbe writes that l'asid all of Israel will be Cohanim, on a completely new madrega, whereas non-Jews will be on the level of Yisroel now.
Of all people, don't you know that if they keep the 7 mitzvos goyim can dwell in EY and even receive financial support from the Jews?! Anyone who comes to Yerushalayim (which will tispashet b'chol Eretz Yisroel) to learn from Melech Hamoshiach will surely become a Noahide.
Yes, I know about the concept of geir toshav. However, it strikes me as not ideal that non-Jews should live in land not theirs, even bireshus haTorah, and therefore I'm surprised that it'll be so when Moshiach comes.

See here (emphasis added):

Moreover, when a non-Jew violates one of the seven Noahide commandments, he deserves death.[1] Thus, on the contrary: only by vigilantly avoiding robbery does he remain alive and not deserve death. His interests are thus best served when the Land of Israel is not in his hands.
The “pursuers of peace” claim that for the non-Jew it is detrimental for the Land not to be in his hands. In fact, the opposite is the case: Only by not handing over the Land of Israel have we pursued his best interest, for then he will remain alive.

Likewise, it is unthinkable to give him even one piece of land. Every single “inch” of the Land is vital to [the security of] all its borders. However, apart from this, giving the non-Jew even one inch of the Land of Israel constitutes robbery, for the non-Jew has no connection at all with the Land of Israel.

At the Covenant of the Halves[2] G–d gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people. In fact, it is written even earlier, “To you [Abraham] I have given it”[3]—in the past tense. Rashi interprets there, “G–d’s statement is as if it were done,” i.e., the Land of Israel was given to us even then.

Karati Ve’Ein Oneh, Vol. 1, p. 29.

[1] Laws of Kings, 9:14.

[2]Brit Bein Habetarim”—the pact between G–d and Abraham—cf. Genesis, chapter 15.

[3] Genesis, 13:15.
Eretz Yisroel tispashet l'chol ha'aretzos, so there won't be any ghost towns
No, from the sicha in my 1st post it seems that all the goyim will literally stay in Yerushalayim.
Also, see LS 23:172 (also in Shaarei Geulah).l
where in that sicha is the location of the goyim--Eretz Yisroel vs. chutz laAretz--discussed?
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