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The Mitteler Rebbe writes that l'asid all of Israel will be Cohanim, on a completely new madrega, whereas non-Jews will be on the level of Yisroel now.

Originally Posted by noahidelaws View Post
I thought non-Jews aren't supposed to live in Eretz Yisroel, because it doesn't belong to them? How is it that all the goyim will live in Eretz Yisroel when Moshiach comes? And the whole of Chutz L'Aretz will become one big ghost town?!

If the tachlis of the creation of goyim is losheves yetzoro, how is it that that will all end when Moshiach comes? I'd have though the opposite: when Moshiach comes they'll devote themselves to losheves yetzoro more than ever before. But how can they do that if they're not even there?
Of all people, don't you know that if they keep the 7 mitzvos goyim can dwell in EY and even receive financial support from the Jews?! Anyone who comes to Yerushalayim (which will tispashet b'chol Eretz Yisroel) to learn from Melech Hamoshiach will surely become a Noahide.

Eretz Yisroel tispashet l'chol ha'aretzos, so there won't be any ghost towns

Also, see LS 23:172 (also in Shaarei Geulah). A translation is posted here:
Chassidim must study Chassidus--HaYom Yom 21Kislev
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