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ATT: Girls on Shlichus and Shluchim Hiring Girls

There is BĒH a growing trend in shlichus over the past 15 years. Shluchim have KAĒH large growing communities and families and need help. Being that it is sometimes financially difficult to hire a new shliach, many shluchim hire girl shluchois to help them. There are BĒH post highschool and seminary girls in secretarial, preschool, homeschool or youth program leadership positions doing amazing work all across the planet. Unfortunately, I have recognized that sometimes there are different obstacles that the shluchim and the girls working for them have in creating a united effort in their shlichus. In order to overcome these obstacles I have put together some of my ideas on how we can improve our individual situations.
Some key points that I think girls should know about shlichus.
1. Although you are getting paid shlichus is more than just a job, shlichus means a Mission. We have a goal to accomplish and it isnít how much money we can make. Our goal is to prepare the world for Moshiach by spreading the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidus.
2. It WONíT always be easy, this isnít a vacation. It will take a lot of effort and flexibility on your part. Be ready for this.
3. Make sure that you take care of yourself spritiually. Even if it means getting up extra early to daven properly DO NOT start your day without it! It will help you get through the day. Donít forget to say your Chitas no matter how tired you are or late it gets. This will give you the koach you need to do your shlichus properly. Make a chavrusa time with a friend and keep to it.
4. Make sure that you take care of yourself physically. Keep a healthy diet, donít skip a meal just because you donít have time. Especially remember to eat breakfast this will give you energy to face the day ahead of you.
5. Communicate well with the shluchim. Not everything will be told to you a month in advance or even a week in advance, make sure to keep tabs with the shluchim about what events are coming up and what needs to be done, before you need to do it.
6. Ask questions, if you arenít sure how to do something donít hesitate to ask for assistance or more specific directions. You will be much more willing and able to work if you know what exactly you need to do.
7. When your are asked if you want to do something and you really think you canít or would rather not, be honest with the shluchim. Tell them no if thatís what you really think. Donít agree to do something that you donít want do.
8. Keep smiling, its contagious and relieves a lot of tension and stress that could build up. Having a positive outlook on every situation will make things go much more smooth. Everything is Hashgacha Protis. Tracht gut vet zain gut, if you think good it will be good.
9. Give yourself time to relax unwind and sharpen the saw, donít overwork yourself until you are beaten to a pulp. Make sure to get enough sleep. Take time to do something special every once in a while and enjoy yourself. Burnout it never a good thing on shlichus.
10. Remember to thank the shluchim for all they do for you. Whether it is food, assistance, care or anything else they do, show your appreciation. Say thank you often, buy an occasional birthday or thank you gift and in general have an appreciative attitude for the things they do.

Some points for the Shluchim who bring out girls to help them
1. The girls who are coming are coming to assist in shlichus work. Aside from emergency situations (where any shlucha would pitch in for another) they should not be expected to baby-sit on a steady basis. Of course, the girls could be expected to assist in clean up after a peula together with you, but not much more than that.
2. It is important to be upfront with them, tell them how your system works and what you expect of them. Sign a contract stating the job description and financial arrangement. Try to minimize any misunderstandings from the beginning.
3. Be fair, donít ask them to do what you wouldnít want to do yourself.
4. Remember they are fairly young and inexperienced, donít hold it against them, they are willing to learn. Positive encouragement and praise should be used frequently. Criticism is best when it is given in a relaxed time and relaxed atmosphere. Devorim hayotzim min halev nichnasim el halev. Word that come from the heart enter the heart.
5. Appreciate Appreciate Appreciate! They are often far from home family friends and a large Jewish community. They need your support and appreciation for all they do. Show them you notice and appreciate the little things they do and they will probably do them again.
6. Be precise with expectations and directions. Let them know in advanced what you want them to do and how they should do it. If it doesnít matter how itís done, be sure to tell them that. This may take a lot of time in the beginning but it is well worth the effort.
7. Donít overwhelm them with everything at once. Let them slowly take on more and more responsibilities as they get used to the main ones.
8. Look out for their physical and spiritual wellbeing. Although they are adults, they may get very caught up in doing shlichus and not know their physical limits, often it is the first job that these girls have. Spiritually, they will need time and space to learn, reinforce this. If possible give them a shiur once a week.
9. Donít ask them to sign a contract for a year that does not allow for leaving to get engaged or marriage. Marriage is really the main goal for a girl at this age and a shidduch should not be pushed off for any reason.
10. Love them unconditionally for who they are and what they do. Remember nobody is perfect and itís human to make mistakes. Donít let errors get in the way of your shlichus and working relationship.
Try and implement these points and you will surely see a difference! Hatzlacha Rabbah in your shlichus, may we merit the coming of Moshiach bimhairah beyamainu!
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