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Wow, this forum taught me a lot of things that I had no idea about (e.x. that Avraham Fried and MBD's music was even questionable???? I always thought that that was Chassidishe music ... I was obviously wrong or something) My question is, how are Chassidishe children who only listen to Jewish music (I know, there are some difficulties as to what exactly Jewish music is, but anyway...) and they never listen to goyishe music, how are they to know that the Jewish music they are listening to is really goyishe tunes? The only bands I knew (and don't listen to) that took goyishe tunes were Piamentas, Oif Simchas, and Shlock Rock. And to me, that's it. I had no idea (like I said before) that Avraham Fried, MBD, Mendy Wald (I can't remember all the others, but I know there's a lot more) was questionable, and not so good....
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