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The Power of One Mitzvah

Written By
Walter Vaughn

There once was a Medical School that attracted students from around the world. The school was built in the early 1900’s and looked like an old Gothic Castle with pointed arches and high, steep copper roofs. Across the street towered City Hospital where medical students applied what they had learned as Interns. In those days the Hospital took care of all, regardless of their ability to pay. Needless to say, there was always traffic in and around the hospital. The Medical facility was constantly under construction, addition upon addition, which brings us to our story.

In the basement of the Medical school was an employee by name of Moshel. On most days he would deliver various packages and boxes throughout the school as well as the hospital. I suppose Moshel stood out like a sore thumb. You see, Moshel wore a Yarmulke and tsitsit, with a long flowing beard, all this at a Catholic institution. The Priests' and Sisters were very fond of Moshel and Moshel loved them as well. Regardless of their theological differences, they shared a common bond in that all were committed to healing the sick, feeding the poor, and recognizing the importance of G-d in their life as well as others.

At lunch time Moshel walked the campus and picked-up trash along the way. This was his avoda, teaching others the importance of community and cleanliness. One hot summer day as he was picking up trash in front of the Hospital, he could hear whistles coming from construction workers as young attractive nurses walked by. Mean while, Moshel noticed that traffic had come to a complete stop. This was quite serious in that this could prevent emergency vehicles access to the hospital. Moshel ran to the source of the traffic jam. There, directly across from where the construction crews were working was a car stalled in the middle of the street. The vehicle was old and battered and it’s occupants had no one to help. There were two women in the car whose faces reflected a hard and difficult life, one of constant struggle and heart ache. The whistles of the construction workers changed to laughter and heckles as Moshel approached the car.

The women were crying and didn’t know how they were going to move thier car. Moshel, in a soft quite voice told them not to worry, everything will be ok.

Moshel struggled to open the hood of the car which only brought on more heckles from the construction workers. “Hey Moses, your holding up traffic,” they shouted.

Impatient drivers were honking their horns and Moshel was still fumbling with the hood. It was then that he prayed to Hashem, “Please Avi, help me help them, for there is no one else.” At that very moment the hood opened and Moshel removed the air filter from the car. He signaled for the driver to start the car and without hesitation the engine turned over at the delight of the two woman. Moshel closed the hood and suggested that they replace the air filter as soon as possible. The women were so grateful saying, “may G-d bless you!

Traffic quickly returned to normal. Moshel's hands and shirt were soiled with grease and grime as he returned to the basement of the Medical School.
Eight minutes later, several emergency vehicle's began arriving at the emergency room. Apparently, on the other side of town a large construction scaffold collapsed, seriously injuring several construction workers. All were able to get quick medical attention and survived. Doctors attributed thier recovery to the fast response of the EMT’s. But you and I know the real truth. One never knows, The Power of One Mitzvah.

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