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Good read for a baal teshuva in progress?

Basically, there's this girl I know and I want to get her something to learn that she could really benefit from. She's quite intelligent and comprehensive, but, I think she's a bit apprehensive about chassidus/Chabad (even though she does like Chabad) - I don't think she really knows entirely what Chabad is about. She's going to try and go to a baalei teshuva seminary, but isn't sure about doing it Chabad. I'm trying to convince her of how is awesome chassidus is and without chassidus, you're almost like "missing" the pnimius of yiddeshkeit.

She's not fully observant but is slowly getting more and more into it - though it's a bit troublesome as she finds it a bit too pressuring to kind of just "do mitzvot." I'm going to try and get her into chapters 2-4 of Tanya, as I think those would be somewhat helpful. But, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend maybe a good maamar, sicho, or just something with b'klal a chassidsh perspective that's easy to digest for someone who hasn't really been introduced to yiddeshkeit properly. All the better if a female can relate more easy to it. I could probably teach her a maamar or something, but with yeshiva coming up it would be really hard to find the time. But, I think it would be more beneficial to get her something she can more readily digest on her own as well. So, send me some suggestions. Definitely needs to be in English.
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