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If I am not wrong the daily Halacha is studied encompasing "Mishne Torah" or "Mishna Berurah" as well the Shulhan Aruch with a diversity of responsas, like Ovadia Yosef and so on; is it right?.

I know for my conversion process to get a Shulhan Aruch at this point is very important because of its several rules/Laws Halachot- are part of being aware about on what means to live as jew.
It is not only to apply but to have in mind what The Sages and Rabbis say on each Halacha and, I think the Yalkut Yosef has commentaries and compare with Askenazies that is why I am interested.

My Tīnach is from Arstcroll, the student edition, and I like very much how it is translated and explained than, comparing with spanish translation.
Also I have got a Talmud in english and it is very nice to study and looking for the Halachot and Mishnayots -but still a bit lost-

Thank you both
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