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Baruch Habah - Mi Adir

At the Chuppa at many Chabad weddings, they sing "Baruch Habah" and "Mi Adir" after the Chosson and Kallah have both arrived at the Chupah. I have a theory that is not originally a Chabad custom and was brought in from the "velt". By the "velt", to the best of my knowledge, Baruch Habah and Mi Adir are sung when the Chosson comes to the Chuppah. When the Kallah arrives, they sing Brucha Habaah and "Mi Von Siach".

Mi adir is not in the Chabad siddur or in Sefer Haminhagim, and I haven't found it mentioned in any Chabad literature (save for Goldstein's recent "wedding guide".) I believe that it is a recent innovation to sing it at (the wrong time) at Chabad chuppas and is not originally in the Chabad liturgy.

Any of the more veteran Chabadniks remember a time when they didn't sing Mi Adir? Looking forward to the input.
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