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Three steps back before Shmonei Esrei

My father-in-law asked the following question: is there any significance, according to Chassidus, in taking the three steps back before the S"E? The important bit, it seems, is taking three steps forward before S"E (approaching the King) and three steps back at the end of S"E (backing away from the King).

So, the reason for the three steps back before S"E is so that one davens S"E at the same place he was davening the rest, but when one is standing davening with his back against the wall, is there any reason for him to walk forward, so that he can take three steps back? Or he can just take three steps forward and start davening? (Also, if one gets up to daven at the bima... does one have to approach the bima, then take three steps back, and then forward, or can he just take three steps forward towards the bima?)
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