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Posting Etiquette

4. When posting, you want to know where and how to post your opinions.
  • Most important thing to remember is when you post a new topic, is to post it in the right forum. Please choose carefully. We want to make sure these go in the right section so people can find them.
  • If you have something Emunah related, obviously you want to put it in Judaism Discussion. If it's about a certain Sichah, put it in The Rebbe's Sichos.
  • If your in doubt about which topic it should go in, just put it in General. You won't get criticized for puting a thread in that forum.
  • When making posts, have them relate to the topic and refrain from looking like a fool. Keep on topic and make sure to think before you post. Many members find it annoying when posts are off topic and don't make sense. If a member continues to do this, a warning may be issued.
  • Similarly, if you are replying to someone who is off-topic themselves... create a new thread, quote the original author, and post your reply. If possible have a link to the original thread. click here for an example.
  • If you see a thread going of topic, please report it to the moderator, so we could split the thread.
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