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Discussion Board Etiquette

2. Participants on these forums are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. All participants have the right to engage in heated and even passionate debate. Please remember that an attack on your opinion is NOT an attack on you, personally. Don't take everything said to heart and you'll enjoy yourself more.

However, in order to maintain a proper level of discourse, the following kinds of postings are prohibited:

* Posting blatantly false and misleading information (see Rule #1)
* Using offensive language or posting offensive pictures
* Launching personal attacks against another participant
* Posting Spam or Advertising

Such postings will be deleted immediately. Individuals who engage in such activity will be publicly warned. Individuals who persist in such behavior will have their posting privileges temporarily or permanently revoked.

If you find that a thread or post is not to your liking or that you feel violates the above guidelines, then please click the "report to moderator" link under the message.
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